Accueil Non classé Reasons to Helicopter & Balloon Tours in Dubai

Reasons to Helicopter & Balloon Tours in Dubai


            The biggest city on the planet – Dubai is arguably the best place on the planet to see a Hot Air Balloon ride. Imagine experiencing the vastness of the Dubai desert at 3000-4000 ft, that sounds magical right? A hot air balloon ride will take you on the huge Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where you will spot the pristine rolling sand dunes in every directions. Don’t forget to look out for the crops, villages, and camel farms which can be scattered through the desert. Well, let’s get into even more reasons you shouldn’t miss a helicopter or balloon tour in Dubai.

  • A Beautiful Sunrise Experience

The sunrise cannot be much more beautiful; as you explore the breathtaking views of the desert, it reflects a selection of hues over the sand dunes and the color changes from soft red to vibrant yellow. An incredible sunrise experience that’ll forever maintain your memories! Don’t forget in the future along along with your camera as the sunrise on the desert will give you a stunning backdrop and perfect photo capture.


  • Arabian Animals Spotting

Throughout the ride, you will sightsee a few of the Arabian animals such as for instance Camels, the Arabian Oryx and gazelles. With conservation efforts and specialized breeding programs, the Arabian Oryx has been saved from extinction, and they now beautifully thrive inside their natural habitat. More reasons you shouldn’t miss going on a warm air balloon or helicopter ride in Dubai.


  • Fly With Falcons

Tested and proven, Dubai is the sole place on the planet where you’re able to fly with falcons. In the UAE cultural heritage, Falconry is strongly rooted and experiencing these majestic creatures fly with you in a balloon basket entirely flight is one you shouldn’t miss. This alone should drive you in to the desert with the helicopter or a warm air balloon.


  • Photo Opportunities

A Hot Air Balloon Ride on the Dubai desert will give you beautiful photo opportunities. Taking amazing shots of the Dubai desert from the balloon has been the aim of numerous celebrities, influencers, and the World’s Media as a whole. It’s hard not to take a fantastic picture here; even photographs taken with phone cameras are turned into masterpieces.


  • Food In A Hot Air Balloon

How about enjoying food in another dimension! You will get to see a break fast or dinner of delicious smoked salmon, eggs Benedict and much more in a traditional Camp in the midst of the desert. The fun of camping and eating before setting off to the balloon is a systematic memory you shouldn’t miss. You’ve definitely seen more reasons to take a tour over Dubai in a warm air balloon or perhaps a Helicopter.

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